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Serving Western North Carolina's Heating,
Cooling and Indoor Environmental Needs


Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Edneyville, NC by Comfort Central, Inc.

Comfort Central has just one goal. We want to ensure that every one of our loyal clients is as comfortable as they can be throughout the entire year. Our residential and commercial HVAC services can help anyone accomplish this goal. From ductless mini split system installation service to boiler repair and heat pump maintenance, we are the local service provider to call. Contact us today to start living and working more comfortably in Edneyville, NC.

Air Conditioning Service in Edneyville, NC

Are you happy with the performance of your air conditioner? If you cannot honestly say yes, then call Comfort Central. Our air conditioner installation, maintenance and repair services can make any home a more comfortable place to live. Summer is just too long and too hot to put up with a lousy performance from the air conditioner in your Edneyville home. Schedule the air conditioning services you need today to live more comfortably this cooling season.

Heating Service in Edneyville

Everything comes to an end, even summer in North Carolina. When the temperature drops will your home heating system be ready? You need to have total confidence in the performance of your boiler, ductless mini splits, furnace, heat pump or radiant heating system. If you need any repairs or other services for these or any other home heating options, call Comfort Central. We can handle any job you need completed.

Our Furnace Repair and Installation Services

Is your furnace working as it should? Do you find that your furnace is inefficient? Does it make a horrible noise during operation? There is plenty that can go wrong with your gas or electric furnace, and we’re just the company to take care of it. 

Moreover, our technicians can also match a new furnace to the specific heating requirements of your home. Our furnace installation service is second to none, and we offer makes and models for homes and budgets of all sizes. 

Indoor Air Quality Products and Services

If you do not have access to high quality air in your home then you cannot be truly comfortable. We can help you fix this problem. Call Comfort Central for the indoor air quality products and services you need to start breathing better, cleaner air throughout your home.

UV Germicidal Light Installation

Do you suffer from allergies or asthma? Are viruses, mold or bacteria making your home a less comfortable and safe place to live. Consider the installation of UV germicidal lights. By using small, safe amounts of UV radiation you can keep the air you breathe free of such biological pollutants. Call today for more information. Comfort Central has everything you need to live and work more comfortably.

Energy Audit Services from the Pros

An energy audit is a comprehensive method of looking at the details of how your home controls the flow of thermal energy. During the summer months, you’ll want to keep heat outside, whereas during the winter months, you’ll want to keep it inside. Both depend upon adequate insulation and airtight ductwork. Let our teamwork with you to find new ways of making sure you’re only paying for what you need to. 

Commercial HVAC Service

Do not underestimate the impact that the environment in your commercial property has on prospective employees, customers and tenants. Keep productivity, morale and faith in your services high. Maintain a comfortable commercial space to help keep your commercial ventures successful.