Maintenance Program

Save Money & Energy With Regular HVAC Maintenance

Did you know checking your tire pressure on your vehicle saves you fuel, creates less wear and tear on your tires, saves you money and ensures your safety in the long run? Changing your engine oil or having your transmission serviced prevents costly breakdowns and repairs, as well as eliminates the headaches associated with an unexpected breakdown.

Would you be surprised that the number one reason for high utility bills and unexpected repairs is lack of maintenance on your heating and cooling equipment? Prevention is almost always cheaper and less stressful than when you are in need of a cure.

Just as your car manufacturer has a very specific maintenance plan so you may enjoy your vehicle safely, economically and longer, so does your heating and cooling manufacturer. With this in mind, Comfort Central has developed our Maintenance Programs to keep you on track with routine maintenance, ensure your safety, provide you peace of mind and save you money.

Our programs follow the best industry standard guidelines, manufacturer specifications as well as the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Quality Maintenance Standard, (an ANSI Certified Standard) to ensure your system is properly cleaned, inspected, adjusted and working at its best efficiency.

Not only will you save on utility bills, you will have less unexpected breakdowns and your units will last longer. In addition, our programs are meant to provide you discounts on our regular service price.

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