Webve grown so accustomed to having air conditioned spaces that it can be hard to imagine not having access to the cool, dry air that keeps so many of us comfortable during the summer months. However, if it werenbt for the steadfast work of a young engineer in the early 1900s, who knows when people would have been able to enjoy whole home cooling? Following is an overview of how air conditioning first came into being.

Willis Carrier

You probably recognize the name Carrier, and it is the same name as the Carrier brand of HVAC products. Willis Carrier was a young engineer when he developed the idea for conditioning the air in July of 1902. A graduate of Cornell University (class of 1901, BS in engineering), Carrier answered the call for help from the Sackett-Wilhelms Lithographing & Publishing Company. The company was losing books and manuscripts to mold that grew because of the hot, humid weather; they put out a request for a system that would keep the air in their storage spaces cool and dry. Carrier submitted his drawings for what became air conditioning.
A lot of work went into perfecting the system, but finally, in January of 1906, he was granted a patent for his invention. In the four years in which he developed his air conditioner, Carrier was the first to discover and bring forth the idea of the law of constant dew-point depression. He continued his work on relative humidity, absolute humidity, dew points and dew point temperature to perfect air conditioning in 1911. In 1915, in partnership with six other engineers, the Carrier company was born.

Todaybs AC

While most people would tell you that air conditioners cool by blowing cool air, what really happens is that heat and humidity are removed from your indoor air. This is critically important in the south, where heat and humidity are significant during the summer months.
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