Radiant Heating Repair

Professional Radiant Heat Repair Services Near Asheville, NC

Radiant heating is a phenomenal way to heat your home. By running hot water through pipes underneath the floor and through the walls, your home is heated in a way you can actually feel. When something goes wrong with the heating system, however, you want a professional technician with experience working on this type of specialized heating.

That’s where we come in. Comfort Central offers precise professional repairs on hydronic radiant heating systems, guaranteed to get your radiant heat back to working the right way fast.

What Can Go Wrong

Radiant heating systems, since they have few moving parts, actually tend not to need repairs as often as other heating systems. However, if you notice something seems off with your system, you should call a technician right away. The longer your radiant system is forced to operate in a compromised condition, the more likely it is that any damages incurred will be costly and complex.

If you observe a decline in the unit’s heating performance, an increase in heating costs or any odds sounds, don’t wait to call. Some problems your radiant heater could be experiencing include:

Circulator Pump or Zone Valve Malfunctions - These devices push hot water from the boiler into the piping. When these break the water cannot circulate and will not heat your floors.

Air Bubbles Develop Inside Pipes- The bubbles develop because of the pressure inside the boiler and they can actually end up blocking the flow of water.

Leaky Pipes - The pipes that circulate the hot water are pretty durable; however, leaks can still develop.

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For repair service that goes above and beyond, contact Comfort Central today! Our technicians are experienced in working with radiant heating systems and will be able to accurately diagnose and repair any issue.

Our family business was started with the goal of providing quality heating and cooling services to our customers. We wanted to do this by exceeding expectations in both service and workmanship. Our customers continue to call on us for their heating system needs for a few important reasons.

  • Professional expert workmanship from a local family owned company.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee on all services.
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  • Convenient business hours 6 days a week and after-hour appointments available upon request.

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