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Virtual Diagnostics FAQs

What happens during a virtual HVAC appointment?

During a virtual HVAC appointment, a technician connects with you remotely, usually via a video call, to assess and diagnose any issues with your HVAC system. Here's what typically happens:

  1. Scheduling and Preparation: You'll schedule an appointment time, and you might be asked to download a specific app or use a video calling platform.
  2. Initial Consultation: The appointment begins with a discussion about the problems you're experiencing, your system's history, and any specific concerns.
  3. Visual Inspection: You'll use your smartphone or tablet's camera to show the technician your HVAC system, including the thermostat, any visible parts of the ductwork, the external unit, and areas where you're noticing issues.
  4. Guided Troubleshooting: The technician may guide you through simple troubleshooting steps, such as checking filters, inspecting for obvious leaks, or ensuring the thermostat is working correctly.
  5. Assessment and Advice: Based on the visual inspection and any completed troubleshooting steps, the technician will assess the situation. They may be able to identify the issue and suggest immediate solutions you can perform, such as changing a filter or resetting the system.
  6. Recommendations: If the problem requires professional in-person service, the technician will advise on the next steps, which may include scheduling a service call. They might also recommend maintenance tips or system upgrades based on the inspection.
  7. Follow-Up: The session typically concludes with an opportunity for you to ask questions. The technician might provide a summary of the consultation, follow-up steps, and, if applicable, an estimate for further services.

A virtual HVAC appointment is particularly useful for minor issues or basic diagnostics. However, for complex problems, a direct, in-person inspection and service might still be necessary.

What types of HVAC issues can be diagnosed virtually?

Virtual HVAC diagnostics can effectively diagnose various issues, including:

  1. Thermostat Malfunctions: Troubleshooting thermostat settings and connections.
  2. Airflow Problems: Assessing ductwork and airflow patterns.
  3. System Errors: Identifying error codes and system malfunctions remotely.
  4. Sensor Issues: Checking sensor readings for temperature and humidity discrepancies.
  5. Filter Status: Evaluating filter condition and replacement needs.
  6. Basic Wiring Problems: Identifying basic wiring issues or loose connections.
  7. System Performance: Assessing overall system performance and efficiency based on homeowner-reported symptoms.

Virtual Service Technician

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Virtual visits are available to help with a wide variety of non-emergency conditions, such as:

  • No AC or Heat
  • Unit making a strange noise
  • Water leaking
  • Thermostat not working

Virtual Replacement Specialist

Schedule a complimentary virtual appointment with one of our Certified HVAC Replacement Specialists.

Have some questions about replacing your HVAC system:

  • What type of system options are available
  • What size system do I need
  • Single stage vs 2 stage vs inverter type systems
  • Ducted vs ductless systems
  • Efficiency ratings vs cost

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