Itbs a familiar problem to a lot of homeowners: uneven cooling. Your bedrooms may be warmer than your living room and so on. Itbs an annoying problem, and one that can compromise your indoor comfort, yet a lot of homeowners ignore it. However, when you call the cooling specialists at Comfort Central, Inc., you wonbt have to keeping living with this kind of discomfort in your Brevard, NC home.

Reasons for Uneven Cooling

There are a couple of key reasons your home may be experiencing uneven cooling:

Problems with the Ductwork

One of the first places to check is your ductwork system. A few types of problems common to ductwork that effect delivery are excessive (and uneven) dust and dirt build-up, poor initial installation of the ductwork and poor design of the ductwork. Letbs first take a look at dust and dirt build-up. While build-up in your ductwork canbt fully stop the air flow in a particular vent, it can certainly reduce the air flow significantly; this would then affect the air deliver in that particular area. If your ductwork was installed poorly, the system may be too complex or the ducts may not be sized properly for air delivery. Lastly, your ductwork may be poorly designed. By this we mean that the ductwork may be excessively twisty or contain lots of turns, and the best way to deliver air is in a straight line.

Daytime Heat Gain

Every home gains a certain amount of heat throughout the day as the sun changes position. This daytime heat gain can be as much as ten extra degrees. You can offset this heat gain by doing a few simple things: hang blinds or drapes; install and use a ceiling fan; use sun-blocking screens in your windows. Reducing the daytime heat gain can help you reduce its effects on the temperature in your home.
Donbt let uneven cooling compromise your comfort. Call the trained and certified specialists at Comfort Central, Inc., today and let us help you!