People often think of insulation as a way to keep warm, whether with a winter coat or fiberglass bats lining an attic. But insulation is also a key part of keeping a home cool during hot summer. If your home has numerous leaks in its insulation, you will end up paying far more to keep it comfortable during hot weather than you should.
Air sealing can help make your home more energy-efficient. You can handle a few insulation tasks yourself by caulking windows and making sure to keep the damper of the fireplace shut when itbs not in use. But effective air sealing in Brevard, NC requires trained professionals to handle. Comfort Central, Inc. can do the necessary work to find out where your home is letting in excess heat. Afterwards, theybll apply the insulation updates to seal the leaks and help your comfort and your cooling budget.

Why Effective Air Sealing Will Lower Your AC Bills

Insulation traps heat inside a home during the winter so that a heating system will not need to run continuously to replace the escaping warmth. The process works in reverse during the summer: heat will enter a home through leaks in the insulation, infiltrating window cracks, seeping down through the attic (which is exposed to intense radiant heat from the sun through the roof), and moving through walls with thin insulation layers.
Enough heat can regularly enter a home through these leaks to raise the temperature 10B0F. This temperature range is enough to determine whether you need to turn on your AC. If you can stop that 10B0 rise through strategic air sealing, you will dramatically cut down on how much you use your air conditioning. Effective insulation can mean using the AC 30% to even 50% less than normalband that translates to a huge cooling bill reduction.
The best way to find out where you need air sealing and improvements in your insulation is through an energy audit. Trained auditors analyze how your home traps and resists heat, and afterwards they will supply you with a full report that will pinpoint where your home can benefit from insulation and sealing. (This will also help you with heating costs in the winter.)
Comfort Central, Inc. offers full services for helping you lower your cooling bills. We offer air sealing and other indoor air quality services in Brevard, NC as well as energy audits, insulation, and air conditioning repair. Call us today and find out what we can do to make this a more energy-efficient summer for you.