Arrange for a Mild-Weather Tune-Up for Your Heating System

furnace-technician-maintenance-checkThe weather is starting to turn away from the winter and look toward the spring here in western North Carolina. We’re enjoying temperature in the 60s and sometimes even the low 70s. During this stretch of mild weather, it’s easy to forget about the needs of your heating system. But if you haven’t arranged for a tune-up for your home’s heater in Brevard, NC during the last year, you still need to have it done!

Right now we’re running a special to tune-up your heat pump, gas or LP furnace or boiler. The tune-up includes a free combustion and carbon monoxide analysis. There’s also a repair-free guarantee: if you need a single repair this summer, we’ll refund every single penny of the tune-up! This offer expires April 15, so call us today for details.

Why Should I Bother with a Heating Tune-Up When Winter’s Almost Over?

Maintenance checks and tune-ups are an essential part of the service life of HVAC systems, both heating and air conditioning. For professional maintenance to have a useful effect, it must be scheduled every year for each comfort system in the house. Fall is the recommended time for heating systems, and spring for air conditioning systems.

It’s easy to dismiss heating maintenance during the mild weather of late winter if you didn’t have the job done in fall. We understand how tempting it is to think, “I’ll just wait until next fall, it won’t be a serious problem to skip one year.” However, there are many reasons that you should make sure your heater never misses an annual tune-up and inspection:

  • Safety: This is the most important consideration of all if you use a natural gas or liquid propane furnace or boiler. (Gas furnaces are the most common type of heating system in the area, so chances are high this is what you have.) To keep these systems working safely, without toxic gas leaks and combustion hazards, the system needs an annual professional inspection. Our maintenance tests include a combustion and carbon monoxide analysis that will find out if there are urgent repairs necessary to keep your family safe.
  • Prolonged system life: Even though Western North Carolina doesn’t experience brutal winters, any heating system puts in a great deal of work during the cold weather. The stress that accumulates over each of these winters will shorten a heating system’s service life by a few years if it doesn’t have annual maintenance to clean and adjust it. Maintenance will help you get the best return on your original investment in your heating system.
  • Reduced repair costs: The same service that helps keep a heater running for many years will also help lower the amount of repairs the system may need over its lifetime. In fact, around 80% of the repairs a heater might encounter during its service life can be avoided thanks to annual maintenance.
  • Peace of mind: The great intangible benefit—knowing that when you need your heat to work, it will actually work.

Comfort Central, Inc. has served Western North Carolina’s heating, cooling, and indoor environmental needs. Let us help you with heating and cooling this spring.

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