When you schedule your furnace installation in Asheville, NCB with a qualified professional, such as those at Comfort Central, you can expect to receive a great performance and the even, consistent heating service that furnaces are known for. Scheduling regular, professional maintenance will help reduce the need for furnace service and repairs by keeping your heating system in prime working condition. No piece of machinery is perfect though, and eventually you will experience some trouble with your furnace. Here are some common furnace problems you may encounter, and some information about the possible causes of such issues.
One issue that many homeowners experience is uneven heating throughout their homes or the development of cold spots. As with most furnace problems, there are a number of possible causes for this issue. It is possible that a piece of your ductwork is damaged, loose fitting or improperly installed. Check your vents and registers as well. It is possible that some furniture may have shifted and is simply restricting airflow in that room.
While the development of strange noises emanating from your furnace may be alarm it is actually a very common occurrence that may also have many causes. A low rumbling noise may indicate a problem with gas distribution or the combustion of that gas. A loud whining may result from a slipped belt in the blower mechanism, ball bearings or a simple lack of lubrication. Only a professional service provider will be able to tell you for sure.
You may also notice that your pilot light will not stay lit. This can be a very worrisome problem, as any time there is an issue with your natural gas supply there is the possibility of serious safety concerns. There a few different reasons that your pilot light may keep going out. There may be a problem with your thermocouple, a safety device that stems the flow of gas to your burner if sufficient heat is not detected. There may be a problem with the gas supply itself. Make sure that you call a professional service provider right away to ensure the safe operation of your furnace.
When you need any furnace services in Asheville, NC, call Comfort Central. Our technicians will be glad to help you heat your home in a safe, efficient manner. Let us know what furnace problems you are facing.