sealing-ductworkWe run our air conditioners very regularly in this areabso much so that we hardly even think about it most of the time. When something becomes so automatic, though, it becomes easy to overlook problems that develop over time,B especially when those problems develop in an incremental fashion. This is precisely the case for many homeowners as their air conditioning efficiency begins to slip. With how much we rely on our air conditioners,B you really need to keep efficiency high.
While there are a lot of different reasons why your home cooling efficiency may suffer, a very likely and very common cause is leaky ductwork. If you use a forced-air AC system, then you depend on air ducts to deliver cooled air throughout your home. And, if those ducts are leaking, then you can bet that you’ll see this reflected in your energy costs.B That is why you’ll want a professional HVAC contractor in Asheville, NC to seal up your air ducts!

How Duct Leaks Develop

Even when your air ducts are constructed of strong materials, and even when your system of ducts is expertly designed and installed, it is possible for leaks to develop. How? Well, there are actually a number of ways in which good ducts may be compromised.

What’s the Fix?

As is usually the case, the right fix is not the quick and easy fix when it comes to sealing air ducts. We make it as quick and easy for our clients as possible, of course, but it’s not something that you can just knock out on your own in an afternoon.
Sealing air ducts is more complicated than many homeowners seem to realize. First of all, actually determining if your ducts are leaking, to begin with, requires testing and the measuring of pressure within the system. It’s not as if the ducts in your home are exposed out in the open and you can just feel for air leaking out of them.
Once we’ve identified that you do have leaky ductwork,B and we’ve pinpointed the exact location of the leaks in your system, there is the sealing itself to consider. Again, this is not a simple procedure. If you think that we’ll just slap some duct tape over those leaks and call it a day, think again. The fact is that duct tape has its uses, but should actually never be applied to ducts, as it breaks down quite quickly.

Our Duct Seals Last

Using mastic specifically designed for the sealing of ductwork is the only way to seal air ducts effectively, and we excel in this. We’ll apply the sealant in all the right places, it will harden up as it dries, and your ducts will be back to distributing air throughout your home in an efficient and effective manner in no time.

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