Webre now in late summer, and even though there are still a few months left before itbs time to turn on our homesb heating systems, now is as good a time as any to discuss regular HVAC maintenance. Not just maintenance for the heating system, but also for the air conditioning system. When you sign up for a regular maintenance program from professionals (such as our Comfort Club), youbre making an investment in your comfort throughout the year, year after yearbnot just for a single season.

The Reasons HVAC Maintenance Is Crucial

Itbs too easy to dismiss maintenance as simply another chore to schedule during the year. But HVAC maintenance isnbt an badditionalb servicebitbs a mandatory one. In fact, missing maintenance can void the warranty on many heaters and air conditioners. Aside from keeping the warranty current, there are other great reasons to continue with spring and fall maintenance inspections and tune-ups:

To arrange for regular maintenance in Mills River, NC and elsewhere in Western North Carolina, contact Comfort Central, Inc. and ask about the Comfort Club, our residential maintenance program.