Itbs getting cool in Fletcher, NC, and pretty soon it is going to be downright cold. At this time of year many homeowners are tightening their spending to accommodate for heating costs. However, if you are battling poor insulation, the only way you are going to be able to reduce your heating costs is to have your insulation checked and new insulation installed if it is found to be lacking. How do you get your homebs insulation checked? Call the indoor air quality professionals at Comfort Central, Inc.

Why Insulation Is Important

At this time of year, if you ask homeowners why insulation is so important, theybll likely tell you insulation keeps heat inside. This is partially true, but not entirely true. Yes, insulation does help keep your warm air inside, but therebs a reason for this, and it is the main job of insulation: to stop the transfer of heat. Heat will always seek out cool air; this is one of the basic laws of thermodynamics. Heat will transfer, or move, in one of three ways: convection, conduction and/or radiation. The job of insulation is to significantly reduce and/or stop this movement.

Call Us for Help

If you suspect you may be losing energy and comfort to a lack of proper insulation, youbll want to give us a call. Our experts will first assess the level of insulation you have from your attic down to your basement or crawl space. Many times just a single area, like an attic space, is the part of your home that needs extra insulation to be efficient. Once we assess where you may be lacking insulation, webll determine which type will be best for your home and review this with you. Then webll install your new insulation so you can start saving energy.
Good insulation is necessary for year-round comfort. Let us help you with all your insulation needs b call us today!