Heat and humidity are a part of North Carolina summers, but when you add a whole home dehumidifier to your existing air conditioner, you help both yourself and your AC. Spring is a great time of year to add upgrades to your AC system, and when you hire the trained specialists at Comfort Central, Inc., to perform any kind of work to your system, you can rest assured that the work will be done correctly and efficiently the first time around. Call us today and schedule an appointment for your home in Asheville, NC.

How Dehumidifiers Help

The EPA states that healthy levels of humidity range from 30-55%. Humidity levels below 30% are too dry and levels over 55% make things too moist. Humidity isnbt just wet, though b it holds heat. This is why a humid day of 70 degrees will feel hotter and more uncomfortable than a dry day at 70 degrees. Some of the problems that can develop in your home from excessive humidity are:

Whole home dehumidifiers remove the excess moisture from the air before it can circulate within your AC system and through your home. As such, one of the most important ways a dehumidifier helps your AC is by taking the extra work load off your AC system. In turn, this allows your AC to operate at normal levels instead of stressed ones. A dehumidifier also helps reduce energy usage. Again, it takes work to remove humidity from your home, and if your AC has to remove it all, the AC will have to work harder, thereby using more energy. Problems with discomfort are always an issue when it comes to excess humidity, and achieving a better comfort level indoors is another benefit of whole home dehumidifier usage. Excess moisture combined with air conditioning can make your indoors feel cold and clammy instead of cool and dry; a dehumidifier helps you avoid this kind of discomfort.
If youbve been looking for a way to beat the heat without breaking your budget, it may be time to consider installing a dehumidifier. Our professionals can help you with all your air conditioning needs, so call us today!