Webve all experienced them: the cold spot in the kitchen, the draft coming in from that one window in the living room. They are the areas where your home just canbt seem to get warm (or cool), and it can drive you crazy wondering where else in your home you may be losing cooling or heating. As we head into the fall, now is a perfect time to schedule an energy audit in Waynesville to see exactly where you are losing energy efficiency. And with the help of Comfort Central, Inc., trained professionals, you can have a custom plan created to help you save energy this fall and winter.

What Is an Energy Audit?

A home energy audit is an assessment in which the energy efficiency of your home is evaluated using professional equipment, testing and analysis. At the end of the audit, youbll be given a list of recommendations designed to help make your home as energy efficient as possible.

What Happens During an Energy Audit?

Here is an overview of what happens during a Comfort Central, Inc., energy audit:
A technician will inspect your home utilizing a comprehensive check list. He/she will also ask you a series of questions to identify any significant areas of concern.B The technician will inspect your heating and cooling equipment, water heater, ductwork, insulation, windows, check for gas leaks and perform a Combustion Analysis.
The technician will conduct a series of highly advanced tests using state-of-the-art technology, such as thermal imaging, a blower door system, static pressure tests and/or flow hood.
Analysis and Recommendations
Utilizing the data collected during the inspection and testing phase, your technician will prioritize ways you can save on your energy costs.B This information will be organized in a simple plan designed to help you efficiently manage the energy systems in your home.
We may still be enjoying warm weather, but that will soon be coming to an end. If making your home more energy efficient is a priority now and year-round, call Comfort Central, Inc., today and schedule an appointment for a professional energy audit for your Waynesville home.