Last week we wrote a post about the virtues of a ductless mini split system to handle residential heating and cooling, and situations where you may find a ductless system your homebs best option. This week, webre going to look at exactly what goes into installing one of these systems.

Warning: This Is Not a bDo-It-Yourselfb Job!

For HVAC professionals, installing a ductless mini split system is a simple and fast job. But that doesnbt mean you can take it on yourself, or even ask amateurs to do it! Therebs still a lot of skilled work involved and decisions that only trained technicians can make correctly.

The Steps of Ductless Mini Split Installation

The first part of setting up the system is to put the outdoor unit in place. This is similar to the condenser cabinet of a conventional AC (it contains the compressor, fan, and refrigerant coil), and needs to be sturdily mounted with enough clearance on all side.
Next, the installers (with your input) determine where to place the various room air handlers. They attach a mounting frame onto the wall to hold each air handler securely, and then drill a hole through the wall to the outside. They secure each of the air handlers to its frame and run a power cable, a refrigerant line, and a condensate line through the hole to the outside of the house.
After all the air handlers are mounted, the installers take the various lines and connect them to the outdoor unit, making sure they are protected from the elements. After this, the installers place the correct amount, or charge, of refrigerant into the system. All thatbs left to do after this is test that the air handlers are working and can send out both cooled and heated air.

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