As forced air systems have become more popular, radiant systems using boilers have fallen out of fashion. However, this does not mean that boilers are any less effective in heating your home. A boiler system actually possesses a number of advantages over forced air systems. Letbs take a look at the qualities of a boiler system, so that you can make an informed decision regarding the best system for your home.

Water vs. Air

Boilers and furnaces serve the same purpose: to distribute heat throughout the house. The difference is in how they accomplish this purpose. The furnace heats air and circulates it throughout the house using a system of ducts and vents. Meanwhile, the boiler heats water and then distributes it through pipes in the walls and floor. Copper pipe baseboard heaters and radiators are also used to accomplish the same effect.
Forced air systems have their advantages, but they also have a number of distinct disadvantages. Because of the way they circulate air into a room, the warm air will quickly rise to the ceiling and fall as it cools. This creates an uncomfortable striation, where a personbs upper body might be warm while the rest remains cold. Forced air systems can also circulate allergens and bacteria throughout the house through the ducts.
Boiler systems avoid both of these issues through their delivery systems. The heat from the water then radiates through the surface of the walls, floor, baseboards, or radiators to warm the surrounding area. Because the heat is transmitted through solid objects instead of the air, it wonbt immediately rise to the ceiling where it becomes useless. Since it doesnbt circulate air, it also avoids the problem of spreading allergens and bacteria.
Boiler heating systems are a great choice if you want a more efficient heating system that improves your indoor air quality. It is important that you make room in the budget for an upgrade, as the new system will have to be installed in each room. For those who want a new system that will warm their home all winter long, though, it is will work the investment.
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