Most of the time when youbre thinking about maintaining summer comfort inside your home, youbre consideringB your familybs comfort. The average household air conditioner is designed to keep your family cooled down, and if you have it professionally sized and installed, it will be able to keep up no matter how hot it gets outside over the summer.
But even the best AC system may have trouble when there are large numbers of people in house. When youbre having a party, youbll need to do some planning ahead of time when it comes to the air conditioning system so that it can keep up with the demand of maintaining comfort for more people than normal.

Tips for party comfort with your air conditioner

Keep in mind that each guest to the party is a walking 98.6B0F furnace exhaling humid air. Put enough people together, and the heat and humidity will really put a burden on the AC. Herebs how to counteract this dilemma:

With these simple tricks in mind, you and your guests will enjoy the party in wonderful comfort!

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