Ways a Malfunctioning Thermostat Can Affect Your AC

hand-setting-thermostatBecause the thermostat is a small object designed to look unobtrusive on the wall of a home, itbs easy to think of it as not having a huge effect on the operation of an air conditioner. Of course, itbs the place where the homeowner sends instructions to the air conditioner and the blower fanbthat makes it important. But people may not realize that a thermostat with even a small malfunction can create multiple problems for an AC, leading to a drop in company, a rise in electrical bills, and even a broken down cooling system.

Thermostat Problems Often Donbt Seem Like Thermostat Problems

One of the reasons that we stress that people only call on HVAC professionals whenever they have an air conditioner that isnbt working right is because only a skilled technician can track down the actual source of the odd behavior. Thermostats are a good example of this: when something is wrong with the thermostat, it often isnbt immediately obvious.
An air conditioner that is short-cycling (something webll talk about below) could be due to a half dozen possible problems, such as a malfunctioning motor or a loss of refrigerant. It takes a professional to trace the symptom to the actual cause. So if you suspect the thermostat is creating trouble for your AC, donbt open up the thermostat and try to fiddle around with it. Not only are you unlikely to be able to fix the thermostat yourself, but the thermostat may not be the problem!

AC Problems a Thermostat Might Cause

Herebs a short but by no means exhaustive list of ways a bad thermostat affects an air conditioning system:

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