When the furnace turns on in your home during a winter day, what sort of noise does it make? Therebs no such thing as a furnace that will run completely silently (although modern variable-speed furnaces can run very quietly), but if the sounds that your residential furnace makes can be described as bnoisy,b then therebs probably a malfunction with it.
Itbs a common misconception that bNoisy Is Normalb when it comes to a furnace, and we want to dispel this. Any kind of unusual or loud sound you hear from a furnace is a reason to contact professional HVAC technicians and arrange for repairs services.

Some furnace noises that are warning signs

Any type of loud mechanical noise from a furnace indicates issues, usually with the blower fan motor. Grinding and screeching sounds often warn that the motor has lost lubrication or its bearings are wearing down, and the motor may soon burn out. Clanging and slapping noises might mean a broken fan belt or other component that has fallen apart and it striking other parts of the furnace. Rattling sounds can come from an air handler that has come loose. Pay careful attention to clicking noises soon after the blower fan shuts off, as this may mean a cracked heat exchanger, which can turn into a health hazard.
Donbt make attempts to further analyze any of these warnings sounds, however. If they have you worried, call for professionals right away and let them find out the source of the trouble and determine how to fix it.

Maybe itbs time to replace the furnace

If youbre dealing with a furnace thatbs making a general racket each time it turns on, the issue may be that the system is simply over the hill. If your furnace has served your household with warmth for 20 years or more, itbs due for a replacement: all those noises are telling you the system has worn down to the point that it may soon suffer from a permanent breakdown. Call for HVAC technicians to inspect the furnace and offer you advice on how to proceed.

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