Homeowners interested in air conditioning options may have heard the term bzone control systemb without quite realizing what it means. Itbs an option for your air conditioner, designed to provide more control over the temperature of your home and lower your monthly bills in the process. Zone controls offer a lot of benefits, but they donbt fit every situation. Many Asheville, NC residents could do well with one, but before pulling the trigger on an installation, you need to ask bis a zone control system right for my home?b

What It Does

True to its name, a zone control system divides your home into different bzonesb or sections. Each section can be heated or cooled individually b either because every zone has a dedicated HVAC system or because your centralized system has the requisite valves and controls b allowing you to vary the temperature from room to room, or even turn the air off completely in parts of the house you arenbt using.

Is It Right?

Zone control systems tend to work very well in larger homes or businesses that cost a lot to cool. With one in place, you can cool only those rooms youbre using at the time, without having to worry about the rest of the home. They also work well in homes that lack a centralized system, since zone control systems donbt require the installation of bulky ducts. They work less well in smaller homes that donbt cost as much to keep cool, or in homes whose existing systems canbt easily facilitate additions of upgrades.
If you think a zone control system may be right for your home, or you own a zone control system and need repairs of maintenance service, then call on Comfort Central. We have the knowledge and experience do to the job right, so make an appointment today!