Here in Arden, NC geothermal systems make an attractive alternative to more traditional forms of air conditioning, drawing upon the constant temperature of the earth itself to cool your home. (The same principle holds when heating your home too, making geothermal systems versatile as well as environmentally friendly.) Though they can cost a quite a bit to install, they often make up for it with lowered energy costs, as well as increasing the resale value of your home. If youbre looking for a viable option for cooling your home that doesnbt involve a centralized system, a geothermal system may be just what you need. But how does a geothermal system cool down a house? Read on for the answers.
The physical constant behind geothermal systems is fairly simple. Once you get more than five or six feet beneath the surface, the temperature of the ground doesnbt change no matter what the weather is like outside. That allows the system to facilitate a heat exchange with the earth. A series of coils is run through the ground, and a mixture of water and antifreeze is pumped through it. As the water moves through the earth, the ground cools it: releasing heat into the ground safely and lowering the temperature in the process. The cold liquid mixture then moves back into your home via a pump, where it can cool the air inside the system itself. That cool air is then blown into your home via a fan, and the water b now warmed after releasing the cold temperatures b can return to the tubes in the earth to start the process all over again.
That cycle uses very little electricity, and because the temperature of the earth is constant, it means that geothermal systems are infinitely renewable. That keeps costs down and helps you maintain a greener relationship with the planet to boot. For more on how a geothermal system cools down a house, pick up the phone and contact the experts at Comfort Central, Inc. We provide HVAC services in Arden, NC and geothermal systems are one of our specialties, and webre dedicated to your complete satisfaction. Give us a call today. Youbll be glad you did!