If you are at all familiar with geothermal systems, you know that one of the main components, the ground loop, resides in the ground below the frost line. However, you may not know how the ground loop plays into the cooling or heating of your home within the geothermal system. Now that itbs cooling season, your geothermal loop helps expel the heat from your home b but not in the way most other HVAC systems do.

A bHeat Sinkb? Whatbs That?

Geothermal systems do not generate cooling or heating for your home; instead, the heat pump technology of the system transfers heat from one location to another with the help of environmentally-friendly anti-freeze. During the winter months, the anti-freeze absorbs the latent solar heat in the ground, transfers it to the heat pump where it is concentrated, then disperses the heat to your home. In the summer months, the opposite happens: the heat inside your home is absorbed, passes through the heat pump and is carried into the ground loop where it is released into the surrounding soil. This is how a geothermal system acts as a heat sink: it delivers the heatB from inside your home and safely releases it into the ground, where it is absorbed.

Is a Geothermal System for Me?

Geothermal systems can be a good option for many homeowners, but not all. Assessing whether or not a geothermal system is good choice for you is something best determined with the help of a trained heating and cooling specialist who has experience with geothermal systems. The specialists at Comfort Central, Inc., have been helping customers with their geothermal systems for a long time, and we can help you determine if this type of system is a good fit for you and your home in Asheville, NC. Call us today and schedule an appointment!