Keeping your home comfortably heated and cooled is a great accomplishment, but doing so in an affordable, efficient way can be a real challenge. At Comfort Central, we believe that all of our customers deserve to be comfortable year round, no matter how high energy costs may rise. In order to help you achieve this efficiency goal in your Hendersonville, NCB home we have gathered together a few tips for you to use to lower energy costs. Follow these guidelines throughout the heating and cooling seasons and you just may find that keeping your home comfortable is a lot more affordable than you thought.
One of the simplest ways in which you can keep your home comfortable more efficiently is to purchase some weather stripping and shrink wrap from your local hardware store. Obviously, eliminating the amount of energy that is lost through cracks and gaps in your home will help reduce energy costs. Shrink wrap your windows and weather strip your doors for a quick, affordable efficiency boost.
Another simple way to boost energy efficiency is simply to use items already in your home more efficiently. Many homeowners, for instance, do not realize that their ceiling fans actually have 2 settings, allowing their direction of rotation to be reversed. Most people use their ceiling fans to keep cool during the summer, but flipping the directional switch on the fan and keeping the blades spinning clockwise during the winter months can help you keep comfortable and reduce energy costs. By pushing heat that has risen up to the ceiling back down into the living area you can enjoy increased comfort and efficiency.
Making use of your programmable thermostat is another great way to boost efficiency. A lot of people simply do not take the time to really familiarize themselves with their thermostat. Create heating and cooling programs based on your workweek, daily activities and vacations to keep your home comfortable without heating or cooling to excess.
For more tips on how you can make your home more comfortable while also boosting efficiency, call Comfort Central. We are always happy to help homeowners in Hendersonville, NCB reduce energy use and costs.