Webve been addressing the importance of regular heating maintenance during the fall over the last couple of weeks. This week, we want to look into a specific issue about fall maintenance that often catches people by surprise. Homes that use heat pumps for both summer and winter comfort must schedule a maintenance visit in the fall, even if they already scheduled one in the spring.

So this means a heat pump needs two tune-ups each year?

Yes, thatbs right. Homeowners are accustomed to the idea that a comfort system needs to have only a single maintenance inspection and tune-up a year, during the season right before when it will do the most work (i.e. spring for an AC, fall for a heater). This is true when it comes to a standalone air conditioner and furnace. But a heat pump, while a single unit, is both a heating system and air conditioning system, and it requires tune-ups twice to prepare it for the times of the year when it will work the most.
The key thing to remember with a heat pump is that it uses the same set of components regardless of whether itbs in heating or cooling mode. The indoor and outdoor coils, the compressor, the fans, the capacitors, etc.ball of these components are hard at work both in winter and in summer. A North Carolina summer is enough to place significant wear and tear on a heat pump, and this puts it at a higher risk of malfunctions and breakdowns when the work for the winter starts up.
During maintenance, technicians will take care of the jobs requires to ease the stress on the heat pump from over the summer. This includes lubricating motors, cleaning the indoor and outdoor coil, locating any refrigerant leaks, and re-calibrating the thermostat. Thanks to these tune-ups, youbll be able to count on your heat pump for the whole winter.

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