Heat transfers from one place to another in three different ways. Convection is heat moving through air, water, or other fluid. Conduction is heat moving through contact. Radiation is heat moving as charged particles traveling from a heated surface to other surfaces. Radiant heat is what you feel when you sense heat coming from a rock warmed by the sun, for example.
Radiant heating for a home can come from hydronic floor heating, where heated water in a boiler runs through pipes built into the floorboards and raises the floorbs temperature. Boilers can also provide radiant heating through baseboard heaters or radiators. Radiant heating doesnbt have to come through hydronic power: electrical heating elements in panels can also provide it, although hydronic systems are more popular because they cost less to run.
To find out more about systems that provide radiant heat in Waynesville, NC and the surrounding areas, contact the knowledgeable HVAC technicians at Comfort Central, Inc. If you believe that a radiant heater is right for your home, we will make sure that you receive the ideal system and install it so that it works at its best.

The Health Benefits of Radiant Heating

There are many reasons to consider a radiant heater over a standard forced-air system (such as a furnace or heat pump). One of the best advantages that radiant heating has is that it promotes a healthier indoor environment.
Most forced-air heating uses ductwork to send air to rooms. Ductwork has the drawback of collecting dust, dirt, pollen, dander, debris, and even bacteria and viruses. This leads to poor quality air circulating through a home. But radiant heating does not use ducts of any kind, and the heat moves from one object to the other without any air currents that can pick up dust and dirt. The heat that comes off a radiator, an electrical heat panel, or a heated floorboard will carry no contamination in it, and that means a reduced spread of dust and dirt and other pollutants through a home.
Radiant heating is especially beneficial for the health of people in a household who suffer from asthma or allergies. If you switch from a furnace or heat pump to a radiant heating system, you will find that allergy and asthma symptoms in the home will noticeably decline. Radiant heating will also help slow the spread of pet dander through a house.
Installing radiant heating is a large job and often requires the removal of construction material to put down panels and pipes. You will need the assistance of the team at Comfort Central, Inc. to take care of the work. Call us today and let us help your home in Waynesville, NC with radiant heat that will keep your family comfortable and healthy.