Central air conditioners are called bsplit systemsb because they consist of two separate units, one housed indoors and the other outdoors. The outdoor unit of an AC is called the condenser because it is where the condensation stage of heat exchange happens: condensation occurs along the refrigerant coil and heat is released. The condenser also contains the compressorbthe core of an air conditionerbs operationbwhere refrigerant is heated and put under pressure so it will move through the system.
When your ACbs condenser begins to experience trouble, you need to call for professional repairs as soon as you can. Donbt open up the cabinet and try to figure out the problem on your own: condensers are too intricate for amateur work. Instead, call our air conditioning repair technicians at Comfort Central, Inc.B in Hendersonville, NC and let us put our experience to work for you.

Some common condenser problems you may encounter

Because the condenser is located outside, it can sometimes suffer from contamination due to debris that enters the cabinet. Gravel, leaves, even small branches from trees can become lodged in the condenser and damage the fan or other components. To help prevent this, make sure you keep the area around the condenserbs cabinet clear for at least a foot in all directions.
The blower fan in the condenser performs the important function of drawing outside air across the condenser coil and then exhausting the released heat out the top of the cabinet. The fan can encounter repair needs because of mechanical malfunctions, trouble with its motor, or electrical faults, leading to poor air circulation and a drop in the ACbs cooling power. Technicians will find what has caused the fan to lose power and repair it.
The compressor is the most vital component inside the condenser: if it stops working, the air conditioner cannot provide any cooling. A common problem that compressors encounter is stressful operation because of lack of lubrication or an excessive amount of dust.
If you start to notice a reduction in cooling power in your home, hear loud sounds from the condenser, or spot ice developing along the unit, donbt hesitate to call for repairs. Contact Comfort Central, Inc. and we will send one of our repair technicians out to you to solve the trouble with your air conditioning in Hendersonville, NC.