don't-forgetWinter weather here in North Carolina may not be quite as trying as the hot and humid days of summer can be, but it should go without saying that you need a great performance from your home heating system if you want to make it through the colder time of the year comfortably. Achieving a great heating performance simply is not possible when your heater is not in great working condition. You need to spot signs of trouble right away.
How does one do so? By educating oneself as to what those signs of trouble might look like. Or sound like. Or feel like. Or even smell like! Get your senses involved, keep the following information in mind, and remember to reach out to our team ifB you suspect that you need heating repair in Hendersonville, NC. That way, you’ll know for certain that you are working with skilled, experienced professionals that you can trust to do the job right.

Is Your Heater Running Inconsistently?

A heater that doesn’t start up at all when it gets cold in the house is obviously a heater in need of some attention. But what about a heater that starts up, and then stops very abruptly, only to continue starting and stopping rapidly over and over? This is actually called “short cycling,” and it’s a bigger problem than you may realize.
A short cycling heater may be the result of a very dirty air filter causing the system to overheat, or even causing coils to freeze up in heat pumps. This is something you can fix on your own by changing the filter. However, it may also be a refrigerant leak in a heat pump or an electrical problem with any heater. If changing the filter doesn’t do the trick, call in a professional before damage is done to your system.

Is Your Heater Making Strange Sounds?

Does your heater seem to run fine, other than the strange sounds it’s started making?B Then your heater isB not running fine! Don’t try to convince yourself otherwise! A heater that is operating much louder than usual or that is making strange new sounds, is a heater that likely needs repairs of some kind.
This could mean that a loose component in the system is causing it to rattle, that a refrigerant leak is making your heat pump’s line hiss, that electrical relay problems are causing clicking, or countless other odd auditory clues. Whatever the case, remember that prompt action is always in your best interest.

Is Your Heater Emitting a Burning Odor?

This is a problem that you may be less likely to ignore than some of the others listed above, but it is also one that may have a relatively benign cause. For instance, you could just have dust built up on the burners of a furnace, and that dust will burn off when you first fire up your system for the season.
Now, if that odor doesn’t go away pretty quickly, you’ve likely got a bigger problem on your hands. And if itB really starts to smell like burning in your house, or if you think you smell melting plastic, shut that heater off and don’t use it again until it’s been evaluated by a member of our team.

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