AC-technicianIf we discover a way to make your air conditioner 100% reliable under any and all circumstances, trust us when we say that we’ll let you know right away. Until then, we all have to accept the fact that air conditioners are mechanical systems and, like any other mechanical system, they run into operational problems from time to time. The key to preventingB majorB problems with your air conditioner, and the serious headaches that they can causebis to resolve problems with your AC right away.
Remember, even common air conditioning problems require prompt action if you hope to limit any negative effects on your system. The longer that you wait to fix problems, the more trouble they cause. And common problems aren’t of any less concern than uncommon emergencies. Regardless of size or scope, prompt air conditioning repair in Hendersonville, NC, is always the right course of action. What kinds of problems do homeowners commonly encounter with their systems? Take a look below!

Fan and Motor Problems

Your air conditioner isn’t a block of ice that is going to throw off a cool feeling to anyone passing by it. It removes heat from the air, but it has to then force that air throughout your home in order to make it a comfortable environment. That requires the use of a fan. And if your AC’s fan is damaged, or if it has motor trouble preventing the fan from running at all, you’re in trouble.
Why might a fan run into trouble? Blades can be bent, blower mounts can be off kilter, fan motor components can burn out like any other electrical equipment. The list of possibilities is quite long. We have the expertise and skill required to diagnose the problem accurately and to resolve it completely.

Start/Run Issues

Does your air conditioner seem toB wantB to get going? Does itB justB about get there, then come crashing to a halt? Does it actually get up and running, but then run only very briefly before cycling back down? Hard starting, short cycling, and other such issues could mean that you’ve got capacitor problems.
Your air conditioner relies on a start capacitor to give it the extra juice that it needs to get up and running (very basically). It’s run capacitor maintains the right current to keep the system running properly. If either of these capacitors is not functioning properly, and theyB do go bad sometimes, then your air conditioner as a whole is not going to run properly, either.

Refrigerant Leaks

A refrigerant leak is one of the most serious problems that an air conditioner can encounter. The fact that a refrigerant leak can lead to problems as serious as a failed compressor or as “minor” as short cyclingbwhich can also be caused by something as simple as a clogged filter!bbelies the fact thatB anyB problem with your AC really does need prompt and professional attention. Remember, the refrigerant cycle is the crux of the entire cooling process. Don’t let your system run with a low charge.

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