It’s almost time to turn off the heat and turn your AC, and with that time comes a chance to address an inefficient heating system. Inefficiency can be easy to ignore in some cases, since your heating system will still work, but need more fuel to do its job. That means you can keep running your heater and paying the cost of your monthly bills, even though that cost may skyrocket throughout the winter. When the temperatures are cold, it can be very inconvenient to schedule a repair to handle such inefficiency. But now that spring is here, you shouldnbt have to waste any more money on a less than optimum heater.
Here are some of the causes for your heater running inefficiently, which a good repair technician can help you with:
A fair amount comes from simple dust and dirt building up over the course of time. Dust can increase friction on moving parts and force your heater to work harder than it should. Similarly, the burners can get clogged with gunk, preventing them from working or forcing them to work at a lower capacity than normal. All of that can interfere with your heaterbs ability to do its job, costing it precious energy and increasing your bills in the bargain.
Reduced air flow forces the heater to work harder as well. In some cases, this can come from blockages in the system, particularly from a clogged air filter or something in the duct system. It can also come from problems with the fan motor, from bent or damage fan blades. Indeed, any loose component can be the cause of inefficient heating.
Repair services need to treat the causes of your heater running inefficiently, not just the symptoms. A regular maintenance visit can help do that: cleaning dirty parts, tightening loos components and generally helping the heater run as well as it can. For heating service in Asheville, NC, contact the experts at Comfort Central. Inc. Webll get to the heart of the matter and help you cut those heating bills down next winter. Call us today to make an appointment. Youbll be glad you did!