boiler-repairBoiler systems are known for being more resistant to problems of various kinds than other systems are. This is because they have fewer moving parts than other heating systems do. Just because they are less likely to develop problems, though, that doesnbt mean that theybre completely immune to them. You still need to keep an eye out for any symptoms that indicate that your boiler is malfunctioning and needs repairs. Letbs go over some of the more common signs that your boiler is in need of professional repair, so you know what to look for.


If your boiler is making a deep rumbling sound, thatbs not a good sign. Thatbs an issue called kettling, and itbs the result of water boiling off in the heat exchanger. This may seem counterintuitive, but most boilers arenbt supposed to actually boil water. When water becomes trapped in the heat exchanger for too long, which can happen as the result of things like lime scale buildup, it will start to boil and evaporate into steam. This rapid expansion puts an immense amount of pressure on the heat exchanger, which is what creates that rumbling sound. If itbs not dealt with in time, the system will either shut itself down as a safety measure or the heat exchanger will rupture.


If youbre using a gas burning boiler, and itbs making a loud booming sound every time it activates, you may have a delayed ignition issue. This can happen when the burner assembly becomes clogged with carbon particles, which can happen if the jets havenbt been cleaned in a while. As the jets become more clogged, it takes them a longer period of time to ignite. When they do ignite, they burn through a lot of gas at once and generate that booming sound. Just have a professional clean your burner assembly to resolve the issue.

Dropping Heat Output

If the system seems to be having trouble generating enough heat, there could be a number of different things wrong with it. Itbs possible that you have a leak in the system somewhere, which may also be identifiable by the presence of water damage on the floor or ceiling. Itbs also possible that the system itself is having trouble heating, either as a result of the heat exchanger having trouble or the burner assembly. Finally, you could have a malfunction in the circulation pump. In that case, the boiler system is heating just fine. It just canbt actually get the heated water to the rest of the home. Regardless of what the problem is, noticeably dropping heating output is not a good sign at all. Make sure that you call for repairs as soon as you notice this issue.

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