Size can be deceiving, and when it comes to ductless cooling, it may appear, based on the size of the indoor blowers, that a ductless system canbt cool your entire home as you need it to. This simply isnbt true. Not only can the system provide you with whole home air conditioning, it can provide other benefits as well, as webll discuss in more detail below. Understanding how a ductless AC can effectively cool your home in Asheville, NC, is dependent on understanding, in a basic way, how the system works.

How Does a Ductless System Cool?

A ductless system uses just about the same outdoor unit as a traditional split system; the difference is that the outdoor unit connects directly to the indoor blowers by a conduit placed in an exterior wall. The indoor blowers (a single outdoor unit can support up to 4 of them) are mounted to walls or ceilings. The conduit between the blowers and the outdoor unit contains a power cord, refrigerant line and condensate line. Once the blowers are connected to the outdoor unit, the cooling process can begin by turning on a single blower.

Covering Your Living Space

Just as you have to size traditional split system ACs, you have to do the same with a ductless system. Your trained technician can calculate your cooling load, and then determine what size outdoor unit and how many blowers youbll need to effectively cool your home.

Why Consider a Ductless System?

There are a few reasons why you may want to consider a ductless system:

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