How Do I Know When I Need to Schedule Heating Repair?

Just as your car will turn on a sensor light when something is wrong, your heating system will also signal to you that it needs repair. It is always better to attend to repairs right away rather than wait, even if your system is still operational. Fall offers a great time of year to test your heating system, and if needed, schedule heating repair in Asheville. Comfort Central, Inc. has NATE-certified technicians available to help you with any and all heating repair needs; if you are experiencing problems, call us today.

Signs It May Be Time for Repair

There are a few signs it may be time to repair your heating system:

  • No heat – clearly, this is the most obvious sign that something is wrong with your heating system. It may be tempting to dig around and see what the problem is, but it’s best to leave that to your technician.
  • Strange sounds – clanging, banging and booming are not typical sounds of a heating system. As the homeowner, you will know better than anyone what a ‘normal’ sound is for your heating system and what isn’t, so if you do hear something odd, don’t ignore it.
  • Strange odors – do you smell an odor coming from your system that isn’t typical of the heating cycle? Again, don’t ignore it – call for a technician.
  • High energy bills – are you seeing high energy bills, even though your system usage hasn’t changed? This can be indicative of a struggling system, because struggling systems need more energy to work.
  • Poor performance – is your system having a hard time reaching your desired temperature? Are there hot and cold spots in your home? Poor performance can be an indicator that something is taxing your system.

No one enjoys scheduling repair for their heating system, but allowing a malfunctioning system to operate may cost you more time and money than originally planned. Take advantage of the fall and schedule needed heating repair in Asheville with Comfort Central, Inc. today!

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