Last week we wrote about how to keep your furnace safe. One of those suggestions was to replace a furnace that was too old to do its job effectively, which would make it a higher risk of creating combustion and carbon monoxide hazards. Safety isnbt the sole reason to retire an old furnace, however. Once a furnace reaches a certain age, it will begin to waste energy and present a higher change of a permanent breakdown during the winter.
Below are a few questions to ask yourself regarding your natural gas furnace that will help guide you toward making a choice. However, donbt make a final choice until you talk to HVAC professionals like the members of our team. Theybll use their extensive knowledge to see that you make a decision thatbs right for your home and budget.

How old is the furnace?

If your furnace has been operating for more than 20 years, then replacement is the best choice. This is true even if the furnace isnbt giving off any other signs of a decline in efficiency or effectiveness. A gas furnace that has run for more than two decades is at the tipping point where it will start to go downhillband itbs better to replace it before that occurs.

How much does the furnace cost to run each winter?

We strongly advise homeowners to keep a watch on their energy costs each season so they can compare them and find out when therebs a rise. If you notice an upward trend in costs during the last few winters, and it isnbt connected to a rise in natural gas prices or an increase in use, then youbre probably looking at a furnace at the far end of its service life.

How frequently does the furnace need repairs?

A furnace shouldnbt need to have repairs done for it more often than once a yearbif that. (A new furnace will usually not need any repairs for at least 5 years.) When the bills for repairs start to mount, and youbre calling for repairs more than once a season, itbs time to get a new furnace.

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