Your air conditioner doesnbt use a fuel like gasoline to operate, it uses electricity. The system is large enough that it requires its own circuit breaker in your homebs electrical panel, but what happens when that breaker keeps turning off? And why does that happen? Letbs take a look.

Donbt Force It

The first rule with any circuit breaker is not to force it back into the bonb position. If you reset it and it easily moves to the on position, it may have tripped from a simple surge. However, if you reset the switch and it gives you resistance when you try to move it to the on position, leave it alone. Circuit breakers are there for your protection, and if the breaker is giving you resistance, therebs a reason. The same goes for a breaker that you can turn back on, but that quickly turns off again: therebs a reason the breaker is tripping, and itbs for a specialist to find out.

Why Is It Tripping?

There can be a few reasons why your ACbs circuit breaker is tripping. One reason is that the breaker may be faulty. A faulty breaker needs to be replaced, and it should only be replaced by a trained expert. Another reason the AC breaker is tripping is because there is something wrong with your air conditioner and the problem is causing the system to draw more power than it should. The problem can be a malfunctioning component or bad wiring, but no matter the cause, itbs important to let a trained AC professional determine what the problem is and repair it. If you are installing a new air conditioner, itbs important that the breaker is the right size for your system; a breaker that is too small will trip as soon as the system starts.
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