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Saving Money with a Home Energy Audit
When you hear baudit,b do you think about taxes? Most people do, and the word is definitely a bit scary in that sense. But there…
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Answering Questions about Furnace Efficiency Ratings (AFUE)
One of the most important services that we provide our customers is energy audits and home performance assessments. This is the bwhole-houseb approach to reducing…
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Worried about Having Effective Winter Heating? Schedule an Energy Audit!
Itbs officially fall, and while our days are still pretty warm here in Hendersonville, NC, our nights are hitting the 50s and for some, the…
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Where Is My Home Losing Energy Efficiency?
Webve all experienced them: the cold spot in the kitchen, the draft coming in from that one window in the living room. They are the…
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Whatbs Involved in an Energy Audit?
Imagine your home as a energy system, which generates electricity and heat, and also gains and loses it from the outside. Through the process of…
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Reasons to Consider an Energy Audit
An energy audit consists of a thorough inspection of your home to determine what parts are energy efficient and what parts require a little help.…
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