money-saving-piggy-bankWe recommend using the spring to make any major changes to your homebs air conditioning system. This might be the spring when you decide to put in a new cooling system. Or perhaps you live in an older home thatbs never used a central air conditioner (youbve relied on window units) and you think now is when you should have one installed.
Whatever the reason that youbre in the market for a change to your household cooling system, we advise you consider a Mitsubishi multi-room heat pump system. (And we have a great offer for them right now. See below!) There are many advantages to going with this ductless system for your Mills River, NC heat pump replacement this spring.

The Benefits of a Multi-Room Heat Pump System

We are currently offering a promotion on select Mitsubishi equipment. You can save up to $1,200 when you have a whole-home heat pump system from Mitsubishi installed, such as a multi-room system. For more details and to learn about the specific systems that qualify, contact us right awayb& this offer expires June 15, 2017, and you definitely want your new system installed before the summer heat arrives.

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