The majority of homes in the U.S. have natural gas heating systems to provide them with winter warmth, most commonly a gas furnace or gas boiler. But people still feel cautious about using a gas-powered heater because of the fear of toxic exhausts and even explosions.
Webd like to get to the truth of gas heaters, as well to explain how to better care for one.

Gas Heaters Are Safe to Use

The modern gas heater is built specifically to operate with minimal danger to people. The main concern with a gas heater is the leak of carbon monoxide, which is a toxic byproduct of the combustion of gas. Furnaces vent out CO through a flue, and there is very little chance that it will flow into the house. A heat exchanger in a furnace can develop cracks that may allow carbon dioxide to escape, but this is more a concern with aging heaters or ones that donbt receive regular maintenance.

Safety Tips

Even though gas furnaces and boilers have high safety standards, they can turn unsafe if they arenbt maintained correctly. We strongly recommend that you arrange for annual maintenance in the fall to inspect your furnace. Technicians will find any place where safety hazards might occur and help you schedule the repairs necessary to prevent them.
Sometimes, a technician will recommend replacing a very old furnace, which will not only take care of safety problems but will help cut down on regular bills. If you sign up for our residential maintenance program, our team will see that your furnace or boiler gets its annual check-up.

Let Us Install Your Furnace or Boiler

If you think a gas heating system is the best for your house, donbt hesitate to call for professional installation! Gas heaters pay off in many ways: theybre powerful at heating and they cost less to run than electric heating systems. When you have licensed professionals install your furnace or gas boiler, youbll have the best reassurances that it will work safely and efficiently.

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