Bring the Outside In With an Air Exchanger from Comfort Central

If you want to be as comfortable as possible in your Asheville, NC home, you need to maintain high indoor air quality levels as well as comfortable temperatures. While air filters, cleaners and purifiers can help improve the quality of the air in your home, it is also very important to ensure that you have access to fresh air in your home. Without proper ventilation this is simply not possible. Consider the installation of a fresh air intake system installation by Comfort Central. We can help you improve air quality in your home by keeping that air fresh.

What is a Fresh Air Intake System?

A fresh air intake system is really quite simple. A pipe is installed in your home and connected to your HVAC system. This pipe brings in fresh air from outside and this air is then conditioned before being used in your home. By bringing fresh air into your home you can enjoy increased air quality and fresh, clean air to breathe. For more information about the installation or replacement of a fresh air intake system in your Asheville, NC home, contact the experts at Comfort Central.

Why Do I Need a Fresh Air Intake System in My Home?

Many homeowners are torn between enjoying fresh, pure air and reducing energy loss. When you operate your heating and air conditioning system it is understandable that you want to get the most out of the energy that you pay for. By sealing your home up as tightly as possible, though, you are sacrificing air quality for heating and cooling efficiency.

As conditioned air is circulated throughout your home, your heating and air conditioning system needs more air to condition, continuing the heating or cooling cycle. The system will pull this air through the return ducts throughout your home. If the system is not supplied with fresh air then it will use the same air over and over again. This causes the air in your home to become stale and of lower general quality. An air exchanger keeps your HVAC system supplied with well oxygenated, fresh air to improve comfort.

Scheduling a Fresh Air Intake Installation or Inspection in Asheville, NC

Your home may or may not have a fresh air intake installed already. If you are unhappy with your indoor air quality or the freshness of your air, you may want to consider the installation of a fresh air intake.

Have your fresh air intake pipe inspected to ensure that it is supplying your heating and air conditioning system with an adequate air supply. An inspection will also ensure that other parts of the system, such as the dampers, are adjusted and working properly to minimize energy loss. If you are concerned about the energy you may be losing you may also want to consider the installation of an energy recovery ventilator in your home. Call Comfort Central for more information.

Let Comfort Central Handle Your Fresh Air Intake Needs in Asheville, NC

Everyone deserves to breathe fresh, clean air in their Asheville, NC home. Comfort Central can help make that happen. Schedule service with our professional team today. Call 828-483-4040 now!