Rust is a product of corrosion, the reaction of metal and water in the presence of oxygen. Rust should always be a concern to homeowners when it appears on appliances, and it usually calls for professional repairs.
Considering that boilers are primarily metal devices that circulate hot water, people are often surprised that they donbt rust more often. Boiler manufacturers design them to resist corrosion, principally through limiting the presence of oxygen within the system. Nonetheless, rust can occur on a boiler, and when it does, youbll need trained professionals to find out why and fix the problem.
Webll offer a short explanation for how rust can develop across your boiler. If you need help with this problem, call Comfort Central, Inc. and we will send our NATE-certified technicians to tend to your boiler in Hendersonville, NC.

Rust and your boiler

Avoid boiler rust with regular maintenance

The best way to keep a boiler from developing rust is to have a yearly check-up from an HVAC technician. Each year, the technician will check on the boilerbs operation and clean components that need it. Flushing out the tank will often help prevent the development of the conditions that will promote rust. Not only will maintenance help you avoid rust, it will make the boiler more efficient and catch other potential repairs.
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