The money you think youbll save with an inexperienced installerbor even trying to take on the work yourselfbwill vanish under a mound of repair bills from numerous calls to technicians to keep the AC working.
Start off right with your new air conditioning and contact the trained staff at Comfort Central, Inc. Itbs vital that you have professionals handle installing a new air conditioning system for your home. This is not only because amateur installation risks leaving you with a cooling system that doesnbt work correctly (or may not work at all), but also because shoddy installation can lead to numerous unnecessary repair issues cropping up. We handle installation for many types of ACs, including ductless mini splits and high velocity systems. And should you need air conditioning repair in Asheville, NC, we have you covered there as well.
Here are some of the repair problems that may arise due to amateur AC installation:

Ineffectual and damaged condenser

The condenser is the outside unit of an air conditioner, and it needs a proper foundation and placement in order to do its job effectively. Poor installation can place a condenser where it cannot vent correctly, and this will lead to poor cooling. Worse, the condenser can pull in debris from a crowded region around it, leading to damage to the fan, compressor, and other components. Professionals will make sure the condenser is installed in a safe, clear location.

Electrical troubles

Most repair issues with air conditioners originate from the electrical systems. If the AC is not correctly connected to the housebs power system, it can lead to the air conditioner constantly tripping circuits or unable to draw sufficient power to run.

Damage through the air ducts

A central air conditioner connects to the ductwork of a home. If it is badly connected, it will lead to air leaks that will not only lower the cooling ability and a drop in airflow, but also allow dust and debris to enter the ductwork and find their way into the AC cabinet, where they can damage motors and other components.

Wrong refrigerant charge

Part of installing an air conditioner is to fill it with the right amount (bchargeb) of chemical refrigerant. Amateur installation could result in a charge that is either too high or too low, and both will lead to serious problems throughout the AC, such as frozen coils and an overheated compressor.
Itbs easy to avoid all these troubles, some of which can be costly to repair, by going to professionals in for the work in the first place. Comfort Central, Inc. will help you avoid unnecessary air conditioning repair in Asheville, NC with professional installation from trained technicians. We will see that you have the right cooling system, installed fast and right the first time. Give us a call today to schedule your next AC service appointment.