Anything with a motor is going to make noise, but we all know when we hear something that sounds boff.b When it comes to your air conditioning in Asheville, there are certain sounds that could mean something is going on; one of these is a hissing sound. Webll discuss the possible origins of a hissing sound, but itbs always best to call a professional from Comfort Central, Inc. whenever you encounter a problem with your air conditioner.

Potential Cause #1: The Expansion Valve

One source of a hissing noise could be the expansion valve. During normal operation of your unit, the refrigerant circulates throughout the system, expanding into a high-pressure, hot gas, then cooling off and turning back into a low-pressure liquid. It completes this process through the expansion valve. In some outdoor units, this process produces a hissing sound at regular intervals that lasts several seconds. Typically, these noises are not cause for concern, but itbs always best to check with a specialist from Comfort Central, Inc.

Potential Cause #2: Internal Valve Leak

A second potential source of hissing may be from a leak in the internal valve. Typically youbll hear a noise from the internal valve when your unit is shutting down. An internal valve leak hiss is a bit louder than that of an expansion valve, and if it continues without repair, it can start to sound like a trumpet. Valve repair and/or replacement is complex and should only be performed by a professional.

Potential Cause #3: The Compressor

The compressor is one of the key parts of your entire air conditioning system; as such, dealing with a compressor problem is a serious service. Different noises can indicate different problems within the compressor, but a hissing or screaming noise typically means that there is too much internal pressure inside the compressor. This can be a potentially dangerous situation and requires that you shut your system off immediately and contact a Comfort Central, Inc. professional to take a look at it.

Potential Cause #4: Vent Registers

If the hissing noise is coming from your vents or registers, there is probably not a mechanical issue with your system. An inspection by your Comfort Central, Inc. specialist can clarify any problems.

When in Doubt, Shut It Down and Call a Professional

If you suspect your AC system isnbt working properly, either based on a strange noise or issues with operation, shut it down and schedule an appointment with your Comfort Central, Inc. professional today. We will help you to enjoy outstanding air conditioning in Asheville. Give us a call today!