Webve recently looked into the question of when you should replace your home heating system, first looking into gas furnaces (the most common type of heater found in homes) and then boilers. In both cases, we focused on replacing a heater with another of the same type: a new gas furnace to replace an old gas furnace, for example.
But this wonbt always be the case. When you plan on a new heating installation, you may consider going with a new type of heater altogether. You should always consult with professionals about this, since not every heating system is ideal for all homes. Below webve listed some possibilities for changing over to a new kind of home heater. This will help get you started thinking about your options. Call us to assist when youbre ready to make a choice.

Heat Pumps

Of the various new choices for heating, a heat pump is probably the most popular. A heat pump can work with the existing ductwork of a furnace, so the change is simple for many homes. Whether itbs a good pick for performance and energy efficiency is another question. A heat pump thatbs a good fit for a house will help reduce utility bills in winter. If itbs not the right fit, it will struggle to deliver the amount of heat a home requires. If youbre interested in switching to electrical power for your house and want air conditioning as well, a heat pump is something to investigate.


Boilers have many advantages, but they do pose a problem as a new installation for a home that has previously only used forced-air systems. A boiler must have pipes laid in the house, which is a large job. Boilers are best for new construction projects and massive remodeling.

Radiant heating systems

These are increasingly popular home heaters thanks to their energy-saving performance and cozy comfort. But they require extensive installation work, and as with boilers they are best for a home thatbs undergoing major construction.

Ductless mini splits

These are types of heat pumps that donbt use ducts, but rather send heated air into rooms through wall-mounted air handlers. Going ductless is a good choice for add-on rooms, as well as for households where there are people who suffer from asthma and allergy problems. (Ductless heating and cooling sends much less dust around the rooms.)

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