Why Isn’t My Heat Pump Cooling?

Have you noticed that your heat pump isn’t cooling as it needs to? Heat pumps blow air in a continuous, low-volume way, but if the air coming through your vents isn’t cool enough or seems too low in volume, there’s a problem happening. You don’t want to handle a heat pump if you don’t know what you are doing; your best option is to call a specialist for help, like the HVAC professionals at Comfort Central, Inc.

Reasons for Cooling Issues

There can be a very reasons why your heat pump isn’t providing the cool air you need for your home in Arden, NC:

  • There’s a refrigerant leak – heat pumps cool by transferring the warm air from the indoors to the outdoors; an exact amount of refrigerant is used to facilitate this process. If there’s a leak in your heat pump system, it will affect the cooling process.
  • The air filter is very dirty – the air filter in your heat pump system should be changed every 3 months; if you have pets, it should be every 2 months. A clogged, dirty air filter will restrict the air flow in your heat pump system, resulting in a lower volume of air being delivered to your living spaces.
  • The settings have changed on your thermostat – always check your thermostat to make sure the system hasn’t been changed from cooling to heating, and also that any programming you’ve entered is still in place.
  • There are issues with the compressor – the compressor is responsible for pressurizing the refrigerant; should a problem develop with the compressor, the refrigerant will not be compressed as needed to release heat.

The trained and certified cooling technicians at Comfort Central, Inc., are here to help you with all of your heat pump needs. If your heat pump is underperforming, give us a call today and schedule an appointment for repair.

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