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High Velocity Systems

For many homeowners the idea of giving up their central heating and air conditioning systems is simply unthinkable. Central comfort systems are a great, convenient and effective way to keep your home comfortable all year long. However, for a variety of reasons many homeowners cannot take advantage of such systems in their Asheville, NC homes. A number of factors may make a central heating and air conditioning system inappropriate for installation in your home. At Comfort Central, though, we like to ensure that every homeowner can keep their home comfortable throughout the year. That is why we are proud to offer high velocity systems throughout our North Carolina service Area.

Comfort Central provides heating and air conditioning services to Asheville, Hendersonville, and the surrounding areas in North Carolina.

What is a High Velocity Heating and Cooling System?

High velocity systems make it possible for homeowners with homes that cannot accommodate bulky ductwork, or that would risk damage during such an installation, to enjoy year round comfort. Some homes are simply not very air duct friendly. Whether your home is very old and has historical significance or was just not constructed with ductwork in mind, a forced air distribution system is sometimes not a safe or affordable option.

Unlike central heating and air conditioning systems relying on traditional air ducts for conditioned air distribution, high velocity systems use small, flexible air ducts to keep your home evenly and effectively heated and cooled. The small size and flexibility of such air ducts allows them to be threaded between walls and ceiling panels, making their installation much less invasive and potentially damaging than the installation of traditional air ducts.

Benefits of a High Velocity System Installation

In addition to the relative ease and great versatility of their installation, high velocity air ducts also help to reduce air drafts, helping to make your home more comfortable and efficient. Heating and cooling can be more even than with other systems, as temperature variations between rooms are reduced. They can even help to reduce humidity issues in the summer months with their exceptional cool air output. While you could keep your home cool using multiple window units, a high velocity system is a much more convenient and efficient method.

High Velocity System Maintenance and Repair in Asheville, NC

As with any other heating and cooling system, a high velocity HVAC system requires regular, professional maintenance in order to heat and cool your home in the most efficient and effective manner possible. As a home comfort system is used it is understood that some wear and tear will occur. Having your system professionally tuned up by maintenance experts will ensure that it is operating the way it is supposed to. This not only improves its performance and helps lower energy costs but also reduces the risk of damage to your system which may require costly repair services.

No mechanical system is perfect, of course, and you undoubtedly will eventually need to schedule some repair service for your high velocity system. Make sure that your repairs are carried out by qualified professionals only. In order for your system to operate as efficiently as possible professional repair service is a must.

Call Comfort Central for High Velocity System Services in Asheville, NC

If your home is not designed for the installation of a central, ducted comfort system, Comfort Central can help. We want to make your home in the Asheville, NC area as comfortable as possible throughout the year. With the installation of a high velocity system any home can enjoy the benefits of affordable, efficient heating and cooling service.