Air Conditioning Guide: What Is a High Velocity Air Conditioner?

It wasnbt too long ago that homes without ductwork didnbt have any options for whole home cooling. But with the advent of better technologies and newer, more flexible products, homeowners without ductwork have several choices where they didnbt have any before. One of these choices is a high velocity system. As you can divine from the name, high volume air output is part of this system, but this is just one aspect to consider. However, before moving forward with this, or any type, of air conditioning system, itbs critical to work with trained experts. The specialists at Comfort Central, Inc., have the expertise to install a wide variety of air conditioning systems, including high velocity systems, so give us a call today!

How It Works

High velocity systems use a method called aspiration to cool your living spaces. What this means is that the air is blown into the room at a very high rate of speed that forces the air to mix. This action produces very cool, dry air in a short amount of time. But you donbt have to worry about heavy winds blowing you around your home. High velocity systems deliver the air through flexible, round duct tubing that are 2b in diameter, and the outlets for the system match the diameter of the tubing. Typical locations for the outlets are high up on walls and in corners so that the air mixes quietly and effectively. The indoor air handler for the system is compact and can fit in a closet or other small space, and the outdoor unit, which is very similar to that of a traditional split system AC, contains the compressor and condenser.

Why Consider It?

If youbve been struggling to find a whole home cooling system for your older home in Asheville, NC, call us today!

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