Thanks to certain kinds of heating systems, not having traditional ductwork in your home is no longer an obstacle. Ductless systems and high velocity systems both offer heating and cooling, and do so without the need for traditional ductwork. While both ductless systems and high velocity systems use a heat pump to provide heating and cooling, each system works differently. Today webre going to take a look at what a high velocity heating system in Hendersonville can offer you and your home.

What Is a High Velocity System?

A high velocity system is comprised of a heat pump, small air handler and flexible, narrow tubing that functions as ductwork because it is snaked through your walls and given an outlet by which to distribute the air. The condenser and compressor are housed in an outside unit, and the air handler can be placed in a closet or other small space; the air handler and outdoor unit are connected via the refrigerant line. The tubing, which is 2b in diameter, is installed into your home with little to no need for construction; the outlets for the tubing are the same width as the tubing.
The way a high velocity system heats and cools your home is via a method called aspiration. With aspiration, the air is blown into your living spaces at a high rate of speed b about 2,000 feet per second. This high rate of speed forces the air in the room to mix, making the room comfortable.

Benefits of a High Velocity System

So why should you consider the installation of a high velocity system? Here are some reasons to consider:

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