Take a moment to look at the thermostat (or thermostats if you have a multi-zone comfort system) in your home. Is it a manual model with sliders and dials? A digital thermostat without any extra programmable features? Or a standard programmable thermostat that allows you to set when the HVAC system will turn on or off?
If the answer to any of the above is byes,b then we recommend that you look into making a major leap forward with your comfort control technology: a Wi-Fi enable thermostat.

Why a Wi-Fi Thermostat Is a Smart Idea for a Home

The Wi-Fi thermostat is the next step in the development of comfort controls. It takes the programmable digital thermostat, which allows for scheduling temperature settings, and packs in more features that can make an immense difference in energy efficiency and comfort convenience in a house.
The main feature is the bWi-Fib part. Professionals install the thermostat and sync it into your homebs wireless router. This then gives you access to the thermostat and its comfort controls through an app on a smartphone, tablet, laptop computer, or desktop computer. You can turn the HVAC system on and off from anywhere you have access to your homebs wireless network, such as via a satellite connection. You can also change the programming or see reports on conditions in the home. Using this technology, you can adjust the climate in your home to maximize energy savings, and youbll never have to worry about accidentally leaving the AC or heater on when you leave the house!
Wi-Fi thermostats and their apps are designed to be as user-friendly as possible. You can turn on vacation mode with a single adjustment, and the visual displays give you the power to quickly alter the many programming choices available. There are also many automatic features that make adjustments to suit your household without you needing to do anything. The system set-up is easy when you have a professional handle the job!

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