Installing a new heating system in Asheville is no smaller undertaking. Our North Carolina climate can undergo a number of extremes, and while webre not as cold as some cities further north, you still need a heating system that can handle anything our winters can throw at you. That means you need to choose your unit carefully, with help from a trained professional and an eye on the best unit for you. The size of the heater plays a huge role in this, not so much the physical size as the amount of power it generates.
The reason sizing is so important is that a badly sized heater will cause a number of problems. If the power is too low, it wonbt heat your home the way it should. If it the power is too high, it will heat the home too quickly, leading to rapid cycling on and off throughout the day. Heating systems use exponentially more energy when they turn on and off than they do while running. Rapid cycling only wastes unnecessary energy while increasing wear and tear on your unit. A heating unit should thus meet what we like to call the Goldilocks Rule: neither too small nor too large, but just right.
So how does one determine the right size? Part of it comes down to a straight measurement of square footage in your home. But other factors enter into the equation as well. For example, if you have a lot of insulation in your home, your heater wonbt need to be as powerful as it would if you didnbt have as much insulation. Similarly, if you have large windows that face the west, youbre likely to get a lot of ambient sunlight in the afternoon, which will raise the temperature of the home accordingly. In that case, your heater wonbt need to be quite as powerful as it would be otherwise. A professional contractor can do a heating load calculation of your home to determine what size heater will work for you.
Needless to say, such calculations can get quite complicated. Thatbs why you need a reliable heating company like Comfort Central, Inc. to help you find the right size heating system. We handle all kinds of issues with heating in Asheville, including installation, so give us a call today.