Furnace-TechItbs important that you always stay vigilant for signs that your furnace is in need of repair. The faster you can detect issues with your furnace, the faster you can have it repaired and the more damage you can prevent. One of the most obvious signs that a furnace is not doing as well as it should be is if it starts making odd noises during operation. If youbve had your furnace for a while, you probably know what itbs supposed to sound like when itbs running. Read on for a list of some of the more common noises a furnace might make that indicate a need for repairs.


Inside your furnace is an air handler, which is basically just a big motor that turns a fan to circulate air throughout the home for the system. The air handler motor generates a lot of friction and stress during operation, so to help keep everything running smoothly itbs outfitted with a number of oiled bearings. The bearings inside the motor will wear down over time, causing the friction on the system to increase. When the friction reaches a certain point, the motor may start to make a grinding sound while the furnace is running. You should call for repairs if you hear this noise, because if the bearings are not replaced the air handler motor might burn out.


If the furnace makes a loud booming sound every time it turns on, you might have an issue with delayed ignition. Carbon particles build up on the burner assembly jets over time, as a natural byproduct of combusting natural gas. The more the carbon particles build up, the more clogged the burner assembly will become. Eventually, some of the jets in the burner assembly will begin to ignite later than they should. When they do, theybll burn through a lot of gas at once and generate a loud boom. It may sound serious, but itbs nothing to be worried about. Just make sure that you have a professional clean out your burner assembly for you before it becomes too clogged. Otherwise, the furnace may fail to ignite at all.

Short Cycling

This sound heralds one of the most dangerous problems your furnace can deal with. If your furnace is turning itself on and off every few minutes instead of completing a full heating cycle, itbs short cycling. This can be caused by any number of factors, but what is important are the effects. Short cycling will cut into your furnacebs heating output, but it will also accelerate the rate at which it wears down. A furnace that is allowed to short cycle will have a shorter lifespan, and be more likely to break down. Make sure that you call for repairs if you notice this issue.

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