Your whole home air conditioning system is a complex electro-mechanical unit. Because of its size, it draws a good amount of power for operation b so much so that it requires its own circuit breaker in your system. However, if your ACs breaker keeps tripping, either at start-up or at any point during a cycle, itbs time to call an expert for help to determine whatbs happening.

Possible Reasons

There can be a few reasons why your air conditionerbs circuit breaker keeps turning off. The first is that the breaker itself is faulty. Breakers are small, independent components, and every now and then, you can get a bad one. A faulty breaker needs to be replaced, and itbs important to allow a trained expert to do so.
A second reason your air conditioner may cause its breaker to trip is that your electrical panel isnbt big enough to handle the power distribution. This is usually something that is checked at installation, but if you hiredB a subpar technicianB or company for installation, they may have missed this. The average home electrical panel is 200 amps; anything short of this size can lead to your ACbs breaker to overload and turn off.
A third reason the circuit breaker for your air conditioning system is tripping may be due to an electrical problem within the AC. Sometimes certain malfunctions or malfunctions of specific components can result in a bigger, and inappropriate, electrical draw. Should this happen, it is your air conditioning system that is overloading the circuit, and an expert is required to find out why and fix the problem.
All of your air conditioning repairs should always be handled by a trained expert, and this is especially true of electrical problems with your system. The AC specialists at Comfort Central, Inc., can help with all of your AC repair needs in Arden, NC b just give us a call!